At NatureWrap we take both of these concepts very seriously.
And we believe our products deliver on these promises..........
beautifully, effectively and without compromise.

We select 100% cotton fabrics, super soft fleece,
and use only all-natural ingredients inside each and every
Aroma-Therapeutic Body Warmer / Heat Wrap that we make.
Every stage of production is given the same close attention,
from the blending of our custom Aroma-Therapeutic mixture,
right through to the filling and sewing process. Finally, each
wrap is carefully inspected before it is placed in its own
reusable zippered pouch.

We apply the same high standards of quality and excellence
to our Aroma-Therapeutic Spray, an all-natural water based
formula blended with only the finest ingredients and pure essential oils.

Our Mission Statement: To design, develop and produce innovative
products of exceptional quality that deliver to the user a high level
of contentment, comfort and pleasure while simultaneously
providing the benefits of truly effective therapy.

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