The Wrap
The Body Wrap
The Spray

Wrap yourself in luxurious warmth with an
Aroma-Therapeutic Body Warmer / Heat Wrap
from NatureWrap. Melt away tension and
stress in your neck, shoulders and back.
Slip into a state of total relaxation with
aromatherapy and our custom blend of
lavender, cinnamon and clove.

Quilted pockets warm you evenly and
our exclusive Comfort Collar™ design
folds over for long lasting heat and secure
comfort around your neck and shoulders.


The Body Wrap

Take your NatureWrap to bed.
Or simply slip it under the covers
five minutes before bed-time .....
no timer to set, no cord to plug in.
Your NatureWrap will cool off
safely and gradually.

Use as a cold pack for headaches and migraines, or as a cold therapy for swelling or inflammation.
Great as a cooling pad for sunburned skin.


The Wrap

NatureWrap is extremely comforting if you have
a cold or the flu. For superior heat retention, and
its ability to conform to every curve of your body,
NatureWrap uses flaxseed as its main ingredient.
And unlike old fashioned electric heating pads,
NatureWrap is non-drying to your skin.
The Scarf














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