The Wrap
The Body Wrap
The Spray

Melt away tension and stress with
our ultimate Aroma-Therapeutic
Body Warmer / Heat Wrap.

Pamper yourself with luxurious warmth
anytime you feel cold. Our exclusive
Comfort Collar™ design folds over for long
lasting heat and secure comfort around your neck, shoulders, and upper back.........simultaneously.
Incredibly comforting if you have a chill or the flu.

Relieve sore, painful muscles.
Improve circulation to stiff joints.
Rolls up into a soothing, heated
lumbar support for your lower back.
Excellent for easing abdominal
cramps and discomfort.
Great as a bed or lap warmer.

The Body Wrap is large enough
to cover your entire back, making it
ideal as a cooling pad for sunburned
skin. Also use as a cold pack for
swelling or inflammation.


Fits perfectly into a standard pillowcase.
Heats up quickly in the microwave.
Stays warm up to 40 minutes.
Dimensions: 20 inches x 30 inches.
  ( 51 cm x 76 cm )










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