The Wrap
The Scarf
The Body Wrap
The Spray

Walking the dog on those cold winter mornings
just became a much more enjoyable experience.
Shivering while you’re waiting for your frozen
car to finally heat up is now a thing of the past.
The NatureWrap Scarf will change how you feel
about that walk through the snow to the corner store.

Simply warm it up, put it on and go.
Winter just got a whole lot easier.


Reduce tension and stress in
your neck and shoulders.
Relieve sore, painful muscles.
Improve circulation to stiff joints.
Long enough to wrap around
your elbow, knee or leg.
Use as a cold therapy for
swelling or inflammation.
Great as a cold pack for
headaches and migraines.
Designed to fit comfortably
under your winter jacket or coat.
Heats up quickly in the microwave.
Stays warm up to 30 minutes.
Dimensions: 7.5 inches x 40 inches.
  ( 19 cm x 102 cm )


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