The Wrap
The Body Wrap
The Spray

Warm up with this truly versatile
Aroma-Therapeutic Body Warmer / Heat Wrap.

Pamper yourself with luxurious warmth
anytime you feel cold. Our exclusive
Comfort Collar™ design folds over
for long lasting heat and secure comfort
around your neck and shoulders.

Reduce tension and stress.
Relieve sore, painful muscles.
Improve circulation to stiff joints.
Excellent for easing abdominal
cramps and discomfort.
Great as a bed or lap warmer.
Also use as a cold pack for
headaches and migraines, or
for swelling or inflammation.
Heats up quickly in the microwave.
Stays warm up to 35 minutes.
Dimensions: 10 inches x 23 inches.
  ( 25.5 cm x 58.5 cm )


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