Heating guidelines
Heating cautions
For use as a cold pack
Care and cleaning
Fabrics and styles
Moist heat
Quilted pockets
With a little loving care, your NatureWrap should give you years of soothing warmth. Here is some useful information plus a few tips to help you get the most out of your NatureWrap.

Every Aroma-Therapeutic Body Warmer / Heat Wrap
that we make comes in a clear vinyl reusable zippered
pouch. Complete instructions for use, with cautions,
are included on the back of the removable package
insert which sits in a handy see-through pocket.

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Heating guidelines.
Heating times and directions are based on an 1100 watt
microwave oven. Most full size microwave ovens today
are rated at 1000-1100 watts. Many smaller ones though
are rated at 700 watts. Tests using a 700 watt microwave
show that you should add 20 seconds to given times for
The Scarf and The Wrap. Add 40 seconds for The Body Wrap.

Your NatureWrap should stay warm up to 30 minutes for The Scarf,
35 minutes for The Wrap, and up to 40 minutes for The Body Wrap.
If it cools off too quickly, increase total heating time by
15-20 second increments until stated duration time is
reached. Your NatureWrap should always feel comfortable
to the touch. Please use common sense.
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Heating cautions.
Do not overheat. Overheating will reduce
the life span of your NatureWrap and could
cause skin burns or damage your NatureWrap.
Extreme overheating could be a fire hazard.
Do not heat on high power in microwave
ovens rated at more than 1200 watts.
Only reheat your NatureWrap after it has
been allowed to completely cool down.
Do not store your NatureWrap in the freezer
( unless you intend to use it only as a cold pack ).
Never take your NatureWrap directly
from the freezer to the microwave.
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Store your NatureWrap in its own zippered pouch.
We do not recommend storage in the freezer because
over extended periods of time freezers tend to rob
moisture from their contents. Commonly referred to
as freezer burn, this severe moisture loss could cause
NatureWrap to become unsafe for use in the microwave.
However, if you choose to use your NatureWrap
exclusively as a cold pack, then keeping it in a tightly
closed plastic bag in the freezer is not a problem.
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For use as a cold pack.

Use your NatureWrap as a cold pack for headaches
and migraines, and as an effective cold therapy for
surface swelling and inflammation. Simply place
in a tightly closed plastic bag and leave in the freezer
for 2 or 3 hours.

Your NatureWrap will remain completely
flexible at any temperature and will not freeze bare skin.
Wrapping your ankle, knee or thigh with NatureWrap
allows the cold to sink in comfortably from every angle.
The Scarf, which measures 40 inches long, makes it possible
for migraine sufferers to apply cooling relief to the eyes,
forehead and back of the neck .......simultaneously.

Although duration times vary depending on style and model,
under normal conditions you should expect your NatureWrap
to provide 25-35 minutes of cooling relief.

Important note: NatureWrap does not get as cold as ice.
Icing with ice ( or an ice substitute such as a gel pack ),
is the preferred course of action for most conditions requiring
deep tissue cold penetration. Always consult with your
doctor or health professional before beginning any kind
of treatment or therapy.

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Care and cleaning.
If you want to use NatureWrap on your body after applying
creams or ointments simply place it, after heating, into a
standard pillowcase ( 20 in. x 30 in.). For The Wrap just
fold to size. For The Scarf, fold once before placing into
the pillowcase and then fold to size. The Body Wrap fits
perfectly into a standard pillowcase. Protecting your
NatureWrap couldn’t be easier.

You may spot clean your NatureWrap with a damp cloth.
Do not machine wash.

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Fabrics and styles.

The Wrap and The Scarf are available in cotton / fleece,
flannel / fleece or all fleece styles. The cotton / fleece
and flannel / fleece models are made with beautiful
100% cotton prints or cotton flannel prints on one side
and super soft fleece on the other side.

The fleece models are all solids ( ie. no prints ) and are
made with rich, luxurious fleece on both sides.

The Body Wrap is available in cotton / fleece or
flannel / fleece styles.

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Every Aroma-Therapeutic Body Warmer / Heat Wrap that
we make contains the following all natural ingredients:
Flax seed
Long grain rice

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Aroma-Therapeutic Spray.
You may notice over time that the lavender (with cinnamon
and clove ) scent of your NatureWrap begins to soften and fade.
This is perfectly normal. Our all natural spray is formulated
to enhance and rejuvenate the aromatherapy benefits
of your NatureWrap. One or two pumps is all it takes.
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Moist heat.
Immediately after heating you may notice that your NatureWrap
seems slightly moist. This is perfectly normal and will fade within
the first minute. If you prefer a moister heat this is easily achieved
by lightly misting with our Aroma-Therapeutic Spray. Most health
professionals agree that moist heat is more effective than dry heat.
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Quilted pockets..
Individually quilted pockets ensure that the all natural ingredients
inside your NatureWrap remain securely in place, resulting in evenly
distributed warmth for maximum comfort.
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